The Edward Dwurnik Foundation’s Certificates of Authenticity are documents that confirm the authenticity of the artist’s works. Each Certificate is an original lithographic print made by Litofutura studio on archival paper from Edward Dwurnik’s studio. The Certificate contains key information about the work it certifies and a serial number; the document is hand-filled by an employee of the Foundation and signed by Apolonia Dwurnik, the Foundation’s President. The Foundation’s archives store photocopies of all the issued Certificates.

There are two ways of obtaining Edward Dwurnik Foundation’s Certificates of Authenticity:

– free of charge, when the certified work is purchased at the Raster Gallery;

– paid, when the Certificate is issued for a work already owned. In this case, the cost of the Certificate is PLN 1000 gross for a work on canvas and PLN 500 gross for a work on paper.

The issue of the Certificate requires visual inspection of the work, so we need you to first bring it to the Foundation’s headquarters after prior arrangement by phone or e-mail.

Important remarks:

The Foundation does not issue Certificates of Authenticity for works by Edward Dwurnik created after 1 July 2015, if these were certified by the artist himself and already have the relevant document signed by him.

At the moment, the Foundation does not issue Certificates of Authenticity for Edward Dwurnik’s 18 x 13 cm paintings that depict the “Contrabassist” or “Tulip,” which he created between 2015 and 2018, mindful of ongoing research that concentrates on Dwurnik’s last creative period.

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