Monday July 3rd, 2023

The renovation of Edward Dwurnik’s mural in TR Warszawa

Twenty years ago, in 2003, in the foyer of Teatr Rozmaitości (today's TR Warszawa), a black-and-white mural by Edward Dwurnik entitled "Poles Live Like Pigs" was created. This work inaugurated the gallery activity of the theater on Marszałkowska Street.

Currently, in the hall of TR Warszawa we can see murals created over the last 20 years by Jan Dziaczkowski, Grupa Twożywo, Karol Radziszewski, Agata “Endo” Nowicka, Monika Zawadzki, Rutu Modan, Anna Reinert, and the first of them – Edward Dwurnik.

This year, the works regained their splendor thanks to the support of the capital city of Warsaw. They were preserved, refreshed and carefully registered.

The official opening of the renovated murals was held on the June 21, 2023. The curator of the project is Marta Czyż, the conservation work was done by Monika Bzura, the light by Jakub Antosz, the administrative and technical work was carried out by Joanna Marszałek and Michał Golasa, and the producer was Damian Piwowarczyk and Monika Zielińska. In the autumn, a catalog of all wall paintings with a historical commentary by the author and curator of the project is planned.

Edward Dwurnik Foundation is a partner of the project.

Project co-financed by the city of Warsaw.

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