Tuesday April 12th, 2022

A drawing by Edward Dwurnik at the Refugees Welcome 2022 exhibition at the Museum on the Vistula

At the current exhibition "Refugees Welcome. Artists and artists for refugees and refugees "at the Museum on the Vistula / Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (curator: Magda Lipska) organized jointly with the Salvation Foundation, you can see Edward Dwurnik's work" Everywhere "from 1984, (pencil, ink, collage on paper, 51 × 73.2 cm ..

This is what Łukasz Ronduda writes about Edward Dwurnik’s drawing:
The work “The Same Everywhere” comes from the most interesting period in the artist’s work. A year before its creation, Dwurnik participated in the most important international review of contemporary art documenta in Kassel. At that time, he was involved in portraying the depressive Polish reality of martial law, which earned him the award of the Solidarity Independent Culture Committee in 1983. The work Everywhere the Same, in which Dwurnik once again reaches for the motif of a crowd, is filled with a catalog of characters from various social strata and periods of Polish history, among which the profile of the “golden general” with a threatening gaze is clearly in the foreground. All these elements make the work emanate the real social anxiety of that period, and on the other hand it rubs against surrealism and grotesque.

The work will be available for auction at the Refugees Welcome Art Auction on May 15, 2022. The total proceeds from the auction will be especially dedicated to helping refugees and refugees who seek refuge in Poland.

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