Tuesday November 8th, 2022

Works on the Workers monographic album are progressing

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at the headquarters of the Edward Dwurnik Foundation met people involved in the creation of the monographic album “Workers” dedicated to Dwurnik’s painting series of the same title.

The project was discussed by: graphic designer Nicola Cholewa, art historian and gallery owner Łukasz Gorczyca, photography specialist Marcin Dąbrowski and the Foundation’s team: Teresa Gierzyńska- Dwurnik, Pola Dwurnik, Daniel Ożga and Ivanka Berchak.

The publication will consist of all the paintings from the series, historical essays, and some memories of Teresa Gierzyńska-Dwurnik. The publication is planned for the early 2023.

Fot. Pola Dwurnik

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